Srikiran Institute of Ophthamology
Eye-related afflictions are widespread among rural populations. In approximately 80% of the cases, blindness is caused by cataracts that can be easily treated. In another 15%, it is caused by glaucoma and diabetes that are preventable. Since its inauguration in January  1993,  the  Srikiran  Institute  of Ophthalmology
has provided extensive eye care to rural poor through eye camps, patient care and childhood blindness control programs. The hospital, with 60 beds and modern outpatient facilities, maintains world class standards for providing eye care. 90% of the patients receive free eye care, including surgery.
Srikiranís Community Outreach Program
In general, people in rural areas do not seek out medical care. The Srikiran Institute of Ophthalmology has started the Community Outreach Program to deliver eye care through eye camps conducted with the participation of local communities. Patients are given preliminary screening for eye ailments, and those requiring surgery are taken to the Institute immediately. All services, inclu-
ding transportation, surgery, medication, food, accommodation, and follow-up visits are provided free of cost.
Srikiranís Ophthalmic Training Programs
The Institute offers the following three training programs to practicing ophthalmologists and nursing assistants to upgrade their clinical knowledge and surgical skills:
  • Continuing Medical Education Courses:
    designed to provide opportunities to practicing ophthalmologists
  • Fellowships:
    offered to recent graduates to further develop their knowledge and skills in ophthalmology
  • Ophthalmic Assistant Training Program:
    for training nurses in ophthalmology
How Can You Help?
  • A donation of $50 supports one cataract surgery with an Inter-Ocular Lens (IOL) implant
  • A donation of $2000 supports one eye camp (50 cataract surgeries)